Session Information

Session Costs

We offer several session options to create the perfect photographic art that is specially designed for your space. This can include a wall portrait, an heirloom album and digital images that you would like to preserve for generations.The creative session fee formally books your portrait appointment and covers the pre-session consultation in person or by phone, your portrait session, post-session processing and preparation of your images and a private viewing/ordering appointment at your own home.  

$150 /  Family, children or maternity session~ 1 hour session outdoor or in my home studio

$225 /  Newborn session ~ newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home and are best done when baby is 4-12 days old.  All props are provided.

$325 /  Belly to Baby session ~ book any maternity session and receive $50 off your in home newborn session. 

~The session fee is due at time of booking and non-refundable to secure your place on our calendar
~An additional fee is required for groups of 6 or more.
~For sessions 100 km outside of Matheson a travel fee is required.

Births and Weddings

Birth Stories
Northern Accents Photography is happy to offer you three different birth packages to choose from. All packages include an in person pre-consultation with Andrea, on call coverage for weeks until the arrival of your little one, unlimited time coverage during your labour and delivery and up to 2 hours after. Packages starting at $1150 and payment plans are available. For more information please contact me at
Due to the unforeseen nature of birth photography I am unable to schedule weddings as well.

Session Tips

Newborn/ Infant

A picture of a newborn sleepy baby is wonderful, but you have to wonder where the term sleeps like a baby comes from. Not many new babies sleep well. 

Extra time will most likely be needed to capture those sweet moments. If you would like baby in the buff please remember that diapers tend to leave harsh red marks and its a good idea to leave the diaper a little looser before arriving since these marks do not fade quickly. Your baby should be well fed and ready to hopefully go to sleep when arriving. 

If your newborn does not want to sleep bright eyes are always nice too. 

Newborn portraits are best taken with in the first 2 weeks. You don't always know when your baby will arrive so give me a call as soon as you can so we can set something up quickly for you.   



I know my kids get very cranky if they are tired or hungry so please make sure your children are well fed and rested before a session. 

Even then sometimes kids just don't like to be still for pictures. If your child still naps please let me know and we can try to work around the nap time. 

I will do everything I can to get your child to warm up to me but it may help if your bring a special favorite toy that will help get their attention. 

Dress them in comfortable clothing. Kids that are not comfy will not usually act natural which is what we are trying to get on camera!


All newborn sessions include use of all my props, hats and wraps.  Any other props must be supplied.  


Think about what type of portrait you want and bring in your favorite outfits that capture that look. 

If you are taking full length photos, don't forget shoes and socks. Long sleeve solids or very subtle prints are usually the most flattering in portraits. 

Remember, if you are self-conscious about your arms do not wear sleeveless tops.

Traditional styles and solid dark colours will stand the test of time and keep your portrait looking fresh for years to come. 

Busy patterns and bright/loud colors can be very distracting in your portraits, avoid large and bold patterns that might tend to draw attention away from your face.In a group or family portrait, proper clothing coordination is critical. Do not mix casual and formal attire and choose clothing in the same colour scheme. For example half the group in pastels and the other half in earth tones may not look the best. It is best if everyone matches so one person does not stand out.

The key to a good portrait? Keep it simple! Think about what type of portrait you want and bring the necessary outfits and props to help it happen.